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Dental technologies of the future

Dental technologies of the future 

How innovative solutions make it easier to care for our teeth

As we host an online community of dentists and healthcare experts, we feel we are at the epicenter of the latest and greatest ideas within the health industry. Many of our members share their ideas with us, as well as useful resources they find. Sometimes, we choose to write articles based on those ideas and resources.

Last week, one of our members, Bjørn Forbord, sent us an email where he recommended that we share some of the newest technologies that are being used in dental clinics. Bjørn is the CEO of Majorstuen Tannlegesenter, the most central tannlege Majorstuen, which is a clinic in Oslo, Norway. He is also one of our most contributing members when it comes to ideas about dental technologies of the future (hence, why we chose that title). 

Here are the two most interesting technologies we found. 

Smart toothbrush

How cool wouldn’t it be if our toothbrush could see if we are brushing our teeth in the right way? And then it could suggest small corrections on how to do it better? 

Well, the technology is already here. The dental technology company Kolibree have created a smart toothbrush that deploys an app to help you brush your teeth correctly. It also makes it possible for kids to play toothbrushing games, so that it will be easier for them to build the habit of taking care of their teeth. 


The online world almost seems to be taking over the real world. In fields as different as psychology and fitness, online consultations are being made available in more and more countries. Now, the time has also come for online dentistry. 

With services like TeleDent from MouthWatch, clients can now take pictures of their teeth and send them to a dentist. Thereafter, they can get a live consultation with the dentist that they might not have been able to secure otherwise. In these consultations, the dentist can give suggestions and advice, and they might suggest that the client comes into the office (but only if it’s necessary). 

At JVD Online, we are excited about all things dentistry and healthcare. Make sure to send us any ideas or suggestions you have that could contribute to the community.

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